Monday, December 20, 2010

Better late than never…right?

October 2010 I successfully reached my goal by competing in my first figure competition.  What an experience it all was the preparation which included hours of training (Dave Uhlman of Elite Personal Training and Sports Nutrition); nutrition plan also under the watchful eye of Dave; supportive managers and co-workers (manager always introduced challenges to keep my cardio from going stale…I will never look at the stairs at work the same way  :0); my dear co-worker who would remind me of my 3:00 p.m. feed.  Even the Staples delivery guy acted like my pseudo conscience reminding me to drink my water. It was indeed a group effort and a support team I don’t think I would have made it without. 
In time the months turned to weeks and the weeks quickly tuned to days.  With each passing moment I don’t recall doubting the outcome in fact I felt unbelievably confident more intrigued at the thought of finishing then the act of getting on stage.  My mom arrived Thursday before the show so that gave me much time to prep her for what was to come…me three shades darker and practically butt necked.  Speaking of Mom she said something very interesting about me.  She commented that I was an easy read as she could tell where along my journey I was traveling based upon the reading materials in my home.  She said I had a season of self identity where all materials were exclusively by black authors, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison or intended for black audiences Ebony, Jet, and Black Enterprise.  Then there was a season of self help with materials on meditation and the like followed by my season of spiritual exploration and subsequent acceptance of Christ.  And now, all things fitness everywhere you turn Oxygen Fitness Rx; workout journals; nutrition journals and supplement pamphlets LOL…yeah easy read for sure. 
Friday was packed with prepping…hair, nails, tanning and a few stops in between.  I was told to remain off of my feet which is like telling a kid not to run.  I tried, I really really did.  I put off getting my makeup until after my tan to make sure I matched up nicely.  Smart move you would think well having not tanned before or talked to someone about the experience I found my decision to wait to be one of the most liberating experiences ever.  See after you get sprayed you can’t put on your undergarments.  So after dressing in my sweats I walked to the car laughing at the fact that I was going to hit the malls “free”   Yep this was the best.  Got to bed early as directed for the new day was dawning and it had my name all over it.
Got up before the birds, checked out my color…I look mighty good golden LOL  Double checked my checklist, bag and cooler one last face book post and off to the venue  went.  Funny it’s been almost two months and I can close my eyes and I’m able to recall everything about that day from the chatter of the competitors, the quick but direct instructions of the exhibitors, the joy of the spectators and the sound of my own heart that seemed to beat at a pace of a confident warrior…I had reached my journey’s end.
 I’m currently gearing up for show two and having checked the NPC schedule there are about another three of four I would like to participate in.  I’ve had dreams of competing in the Masters National and at the Arnold.  I’m laughing because we all know what I do with dreams right?

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  1. You look amazing...congrats and you worked hard and it shows ;)